The Top Ten TV Matches of January-March 2024 on NEW Pro Wrestling Playlist Series!!

On this edition of Red's Pro Wrestling Playlist Series, we're looking at the top ten televised matches of the year so far (from January through March) according to the fans!

Axiom, Frazer vs Corbin, Breakker 1/23/24

HoB vs FTRed Death 1/27/24

Takeshita vs Strickland 3/27/24

Danielson vs Hechicero 2/3/24

Gauntlet 3/11/24

Darby vs Takeshita 1/3/24

Danielson vs Shibata 3/16/24

Fletcher vs Ospreay 3/6/24

Page vs Strickland 2/7/24

Ospreay vs Alexander 01/14/24

Check it out HERE!

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