The Top Ten ManiaWeek Matches (according to the fans!!)

We're sticking specifically to matches that ran on and around, locally and time-wise, the Mania shows. No New Japan or GLEAT here. No various TV matches either, focusing specifically on special event content.

10. Breakker and Baron defend their NXT Tag Titles against Axiom and Frazer!

9. Drew challenged Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

8. Abe and Nomura bring their style to BloodSport X in a thrilling battle!

7. Ueno and Speedball remind Americans that they, and DDT, is awesome!

6. Big feel vibes as Briscoe and Kingston keep it real for the ROH World Title!

5. Athena and Shida put the Super in Supercard of Honor with the Women's strap on the line!

4. Io and Bayley kill it on the big stage with the WWE Women's Championship up for grabs!

3. Sami and Gunther go big for the IC Championship at Mania!

2. Oba defends the North American Workhorse Strap against Dijak and Briggs, proving NXT still has gems!

1. The Story.

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