T-Hawk versus El Lindaman + MORE on #STRONGHEARTSxGLEAT Gig in Osaka

This one was ran as a #STRONGHEARTS branded show, through the GLEAT fed. If you're not aware, that's CIMA and his boys like El Lindaman and T-Hawk. It's one of the best units in the game on talent alone and this show might be right in your zone if you're seeking something new with enough familiarity attached that it's not too outside of any comfort zones.

Here's the card:

Hayato Tamura vs Go Miyake

Iwamoto, Ikemoto vs Ishida, Izuchi

Kawakami, Shigeko Deluxe vs MICHIKO, Hartley

KAZMA vs Yukimitsu Takahashi

Magnitude, Yoshioka vs Quiet Storm, Arashi

Takehiro Yamamura vs Issei Onitsuka

Pegaso Iluminar, Ramen Ito, Tonsho vs CIMA, Tanaka, Shiryu

El Lindaman vs T-Hawk

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