It's a Past and Future Showcase on the NEW Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle!!

This edition of Dragongate's awesone, semi-regular, half-hour program heads to K-Hall for a Truth Gate digest. 

Here's the card:

  • Susumu and Kanda face Mochizuki and Junior before MJ headed off for a Euro Trip. What's Trachtenberg up to these days?
  • Dragon Kid teams with Kondo to face Doi and YAMATO. The amount of story behind this one is sincerely amazing and a reminder that fans should really take DG more seriously or risk missing out on what has been a consistently great fed since inception. Here's the same match with English commentary if you'd prefer.
This episode really did well in showing the past and future of the company in a way most other feds couldn't ever come close to replicating and features two solid outings. If you're craving some lucharesu tag team action, check out the latest from DG and click play on the video above.

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