Gloves off at The Garden!

The refs were smart enough to let this set burn and we were gifted six fights within the first five minutes or so of game play. The Devils were making a stand against the assholes of New York and King Asshole himself, Rempe.

The fights were nice. The effort outside of that in the first period was lacking, though. By the time 20-minutes had dropped off, the home team had dumped in 2. New Jersey? Zip. Pilat and Diva Jack Hughes put in for a sweet one timer early into the second and had a spark in general to change the pace. After thirty of regulation had passed, the score was 2-3. The crowd was silenced and the team some consider the best in the league right now looked like chumps.

A broken stick saw an unfortunate tie up quickly into the 3rd. With five minutes left, as Jersey seemed to have lost all steam, some old fashioned hockey and poor goal work saw the chumps take the scoreline and the game.

The fights were needed after everything that happened this season and in the past. New Jersey not dropping gloves would've been a cherry on top of the shit sundae that was this campaign. But the hockey remains inconsistent and well below what it should be. There is no single quick fix in Jersey for the disorder, but something needs done and it needs to be quick before the rebuild completely crumbles back down to dirt.

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