Giulia, KENTA, Purrazzo, more on newest New Japan STRONG!

The episodes are behind by far more than We are STARDOM!! or Cutting Edge Battle!!'s runs are, but the quality still makes these well worth a watch, especially if you missed the content included prior. On the newest episode of STRONG, we go back for another from Multiverse United 2 with two solid battles!

Here's the card:

  • Bullet Club takes on GOD and friends in a big 12-man clusterfuck tag match. KENTA leads ABC, Coughlin, Connors, and Finlay against Tonga, Loa, El Phantasmo, Alexander, DKC, and PCO.
  • Giulia puts the New Japan STRONG Women's Championship on the line against Purrazzo, Shaw, and Momo Kohgo in a four-way main event for the installment.
Consider it a mid-level edition, but a rather entertaining episode either way. Click play on the video above if the card interests you!

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