Devils beat Flyers in Stadium Series, drop ball two games straight to celebrate

It started with a hero style victory in the home of the New York Jets, and right next to the old Meadowlands. After that, New Jersey went 0-2, being outscored 11-3, against the Capitals and the fucking Rangers. Meanwhile, the Hughes kid's ego has grown, his signs of leadership skills have lessened, and the team continues to underdeliver on potential.

Check them out today at 2pm against the Canadiens and see if they can start to bounce back. Or don't. They've done little to deserve your eyes nor more of my words of late and the little bones they're throwing out this season don't make up for the fact that this team could be so much better if the drama would end. I want more of the passion I saw from Bastian when he stepped up against Trouba, less Hughes thinking he's sly on the mic, and an increase in effort all around before you'll see them covered favorably again here on The Update.

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