STARDOM: The Starlight Spectator #1 | January 2024 Week 1

To make up for technical errors, you can find STARDOM's Dream Queendom event HERE on their YouTube channel. I have no idea when it's being removed, but it seems to be sometime today. Take advantage while you can. We actually start this debut of The Starlight Spectator with a review of that very show, as taken from The Pro-Wrestling Digest #150!

STARDOM Dream Queendom 2023 Select Review

After some technical issues that WWNLive fans should have a lot of related memories of, STARDOM uploaded their end of the year gem to YouTube for free for a few days. I didn’t have time for the full event, but in appreciation of perhaps the best promotion of the year, and the choice to upload this as an apology, I wanted to give them a little plug in the first magazine edition of the Digest. Here’s a short review of the last four matches of the show.

Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: AphroditE(c) b Oedo Tai’s Momo, Toura
User Rating: 6.76 Red’s Rating: ***½

While the execution was lacking a bit, and while the contest admittedly failed to deliver on my expectations overall, I still thought that was enjoyable enough and keeping Saya and Utami strapped heading into 2024 was honestly the right choice. Very good, perhaps even borderline great if not for the botched count. STARDOM is going to be testing out a lot of things next year, but this is a more than serviceable enough use for AphroditE in the meantime.

NJPW STRONG Women’s Title: Giulia(c) TKO Megan Bayne
User Rating: 8.07 Red’s Rating: ***¾

David versus Goliath style content with Giulia picking up a nice win over Bayne before she splits in a few months. Great stuff overall that some will certainly like more than others. Excellent for WWE fans wanting a look at one of their newer stars, AEW fans wanting more Bayne before she becomes a bigger deal stateside, or joshi fans seeking this trope. Adora challenged for the belt after via recorded video appearing on screen.

Wonder of STARDOM Title: Saori Anou b MIRAI(c)
User Rating: 8.27 Red’s Rating: ****

Following their Gold Rush draw, which you can watch at the bottom of this entry, Saori and MIRAI went for it again and they put in for a fantastic title defense once more! Saori overcame her opponent this time, becoming the first freelancer to do so since Toni Storm’s interesting victory a few years back. This reign is going to be fun af!

World of STARDOM Title, Vacancy Fill: Maika b Suzu Suzuki
User Rating: 8.57 Red’s Rating: ****

The Goddesses and World belts were vacated when Tam was injured, tragically, but that allowed for an opening and it was going to be either Maika or Suzu to fill it. Before you check this one out, which you certainly should do, you need to watch their GP classic from a few months ago. Do so with THIS episode of We are STARDOM!!. HERE is a brawl between the two to build it up for you a bit more. There was a bit of roughness, that arguably added to the tension, and the entire thing was especially must-see if you consider yourself interested in this product. If not, still consider it.

A wrestling promotion making the best of an injury related world title vacancy by strapping up a worker that’s not ready for it because it’s what the fans want? What a strange idea… Too bad other companies won’t try that!

It's a STARDOM Happy New Year Celebration!!

STARDOM closed 2023 with a feel good moment. They know Giulia might be leaving for WWE in a few months, they had made some questionable choices that’ve left bad tastes in a lot of mouths, and there’s been some injuries fucking up stories and momentum. I’m not certain what they have in store for 2024, but I’m pretty hopeful and you honestly should be, too. 

Don’t continue to sleep on perhaps the best wrestling promotion in the world right now.

To start the year, STARDOM gave us a marathon of content yesterday. It's a fun tradition they've started and it includes uploads of some of the best matches of 2023, as chosen by the talent, as well as chats with the roster and them playing games together. If you want to make 2024 the year that you dive fully into STARDOM, than maybe pick around with the uploads.

HERE is the playlist containing the entire set of videos.


Next, from STARDOM

On the 3rd, New Years Stars will see their Triangle Derby start back up alongside a Rookie of STARDOM tournament in Yokohama. 

This year's derby will include:

  • Baribari Bombers (Giulia, Thekla, Sakurai)
  • Queen's Quest's Amasaki, Lady C, Hina
  • Bayne, Suzu, Seira
  • Queen's Quest's Utami, Kamitani, AZM
  • STARS' Iwatani, Iida, Hanan
  • Oedo Tai's Watanabe, SLK, Tora
  • God's Eye's Syuri, Ami, Mirai
  • Oedo Tai's Fukigen, Rina, Ruaka
I'm rooting for Oedo Tai's Momo, Starlight, and Tora group, personally.

On the 4th, STARDOM heads to Tokyo for a companion show to Wrestle Kingdom! Honestly, this might end up being better overall than Kingdom. The event will include Iwatani defending the IWGP Women's Championship against Syuri in the main event and a handful of good looking tag and trios matches down the card.

Check out these shows and the rest of what STARDOM has to offer this month on STARDOM World.

This week on We are STARDOM!!

Episode 209

  1. High Speed Title: Mei Seira(c) vs Momoka Hanazono
    Current Cagematch Rating: 6.24

  2. Wonder of STARDOM Title: MIRAI(c) vs Saori Anou
    Current Cagematch Rating: 8.07

    Matches From STARDOM Gold Rush 2023

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