Red's TV Match of the Week+ | January 2024 W1

For the first week of January, our TV MotW saw the love child of Dolph and Jeff Hardy taking on DDT ace, Takeshita. Don's assassin hasn't been booked to his full potential, but a victory here is hopefully the start of a new push streak for Soup.

Red's Rating: **** 

Cagematch User Rating: 8.71 

Meltzer Rating: ****1/2

The most popular TV episode of the week was the New Year's Revolution edition of SmackDown. On it: 

  • Kevin Owens became #1 contender to the United States Championship when he beat Santos and he put some fire on the program with Paul along the way.
  • IYO retained the WWE Women's Championship when she defeated Michin.
  • Butch and Bate earned a tag team victory at the expense of Pretty Deadly.
  • The WWE Undisputed Universal Championship #1 Contender triple threat main event ended in a no contest, as I predicted, leading to a fatal four way with Roman to be booked for the Rumble. It's a smart choice to put a bunch of big stars in against each other and allows for a fall guy (sadly, Styles) so that Knight and Orton drop nothing in defeat.

Check out the latest AEW Timelines, this time looking at House of Black and FTR's rivalry, HERE.

Shotzi got married, then wrestled, for those that care. Hello, Phil.

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