AEW promises a NEW ERA on Control Center!

AEW is promising a new era, though time will tell how different it'll be.

In the latest Control Center, Joe cut a promo backstage after he won the belt to start things off. Good shit. I'm honestly hoping he's not just a transitional champ, but that's what I am expecting. After, we had a look at the big reveal at the end of the show as well as the other major results from the event. Tony Schiavone then ran down the card for tonight's Dynamite with some background attached.

  • Orange Cassidy defends the International Championship against Dante Martin. Don't expect a title change, but it'll be a fun throwaway defense.

  • Mariah May debuts against Queen Aminata, fresh off of being stolen away from STARDOM. I'm sure that does well for relationships. I honestly want more of Queen. Hopefully this gets some time.

Some upcoming events were plugged though nothing was announced.

Another look at their X account shows that Strickland will face Daniel Garcia and the Christian will have a "State of the Union" address. I have no idea why Swerve versus Red Death is a wise choice to schedule right now. Cole will talk about why he did the dirty thing he did and will then try to explain why he thought Joe holding the belt was the best choice for his plans. 

I'm hoping his villainous monologue makes sense. They didn't deliver the angle in the best way and I'd hate to see them fuck up the follow-up. Oh, and Joe is supposed to say something about being the champ tonight. He'll call someone a bitch. It'll be fun television.

Add in a debut or two this week and AEW is looking to start 2024 on a high note. Can this card help them deliver? It seems a bit program heavy, but it should be entertaining no matter what!

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