January 2024 Major Events Calendar | From The Digest #150

Note that there are hundreds of companies and the likeliness that I’ve overlooked something each time I put these together is very…likely. That said, here is a list of ten major events of note for the first month of 2024 that you might be interested in.

  1. WWE Raw: Day 1 Special Edition Episode on Jan. 1st and will feature Seth defending the World Heavyweight Championship against McIntyre!

    Predictions: Seth wins, rumors of Drew being unhappy pop up again, and we get a very good match.

  2. Pro Wrestling NOAH The New Year on Jan. 2nd stars Marufuji facing Kota Ibushi in a dream match main event, a huge 12-man elimination match with some New Japan involvement (there’s a lot of NJPW involvement throughout the card itself in general), Kenoh against big man Soya for the GHC Heavyweight belt, and a lot more!

    Predictions: Kota wins and makes another appearance or so for the company in 2024. Kenoh retains. Some minor belts do change hands and New Japan is made to look strong throughout.

  3. WWE NXT New Year’s Evil Special Edition Episode on Jan. 2nd with Ilja defending the top prize of NXT against Trick Williams in Orlando and the LWO will be in action against the newest version of Catch Point!

    Predictions: This brand seems to be in a constant shift, so I have no idea who’s getting the nod and I don’t pay close enough attention to really get the vibe. I do know that Trick has been more inconsistently booked than Ilja, so perhaps they keep the latter strapped. Instead, my prediction is that NXT will beat AEW in ratings at some point in 2024, head to head, and a few times indirectly. 

  1. AJPW New Years Giant Series runs the biggest show of the set on the 3rd and will include Nakajima defending the GHC Heavyweight Title against a Regal’s fucking kid. NXT/AJPW Forbidden door!?

    Predictions: Getting in bed with WWE usually doesn’t end well for companies. All Japan is making big moves lately, shifting away from their more traditional stylings, but I still have doubt that Regal’s kid is going to become Triple Crown Champion. I see the value, though. Hunter sends Regal’s kid of all fucking people over to Japan and has him win THE Triple Crown. It’s petty as fuck, but the feud between AEW and WWE is certainly at that level and Dempsey is a decent worker.

    NXT Stars Axiom vs Charlie Dempsey [FULL MATCH] Reality of Wrestling

  1. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 on Jan. 4th includes Danielson vs Okada, Sanada vs Naito for the World Heavyweight Title, and MORE! Of all the New Japan shows scheduled for January, prioritize this one or watch the January output of the AXS show.

    Predictions: Dragon and Okada is a MOTYC, Sanada wins, Ospreay wins and defends against Okada stateside after the later decides to stay home, lots of down the card title changes occur, and the show is great (though a bit below Kingdom standards from past years).

  2. STARDOM Ittenyon is in Tokyo on the 4th and Syuri wants Mayu Iwatani’s IWGP Women’s Championship. 

    Predictions: Mayu and Syuri provide for the second MOTYC of the day on a card that might end up being show of the month (even over Kingdom).

  1. WWE SmackDown: New Year’s Revolution Special Edition Episode on Jan. 5th will see Styles vs Orton vs Knight, in a number one contender match to face Roman at the Rumble!

    Predictions: We get a four-way at the Rumble after a shit finish?

  1. NJPW Battle in the Valley on Jan. 13th. As of time this was written, the only match being teased is Ospreay versus Okada.

    Predictions: Ospreay drops it to Okada and Okada defends it in TNA, AEW, RevPro, and maybe CMLL. The show delivers big and ensures STRONG continues to be an underrated gem of a show in its new format.

  1. TNA Hard to Kill on the 13th is the return of TNA and Shelley defending the top prize against Moose in the main event, Trinity versus Grace for the Knockouts belt, Sabin defending the X-Division strap against Kushida and Vikingo, a women’s Ultimate X match, and more!

    Predictions: Do they start the new era with Moose at the top? I’d prefer Shelley retain, but I do know they will certainly be looking to make statements on this day and title changes galore might be the choice they go with to do it. Hopefully this is the start of a real new era.

  2. WWE Royal Rumble on the 27th Roman will defend and the two Rumble matches will set us on the road to Wrestlemania! Will Cody or Punk get the nod? Someone else?

    Predictions: Sasha returns and wins the women’s Rumble, AJ Lee appears, Jade debuts. Roman retains in a four-way, pinning Styles in the finish. Becky beats Rhea. Cody wins the men’s rumble side and moves to SD to resume his story with Reigns. Big E returns. Seth beats Punk in a title match OR eliminates him in the Rumble to set up a title match between the two at Mania.

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Section Written 12/23/23 with minor updates added 12/27/23

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