The Dragon (Beowulf Chapter #6 of 6) | The RW+B RPG Series

We've come to the conclusion of the Beowulf saga. Note that a physical release with stats, maps, and more is due soon. Check out the rest of the RW+B RPG Series releases, including chapters 1-5 of this set, HERE.

Adventure Background:

The heroes of Geatland have faced countless challenges and emerged victorious, and now, the final threat has arrived. A monstrous dragon has descended upon a peaceful town, its fiery wrath threatening to consume everything in its path. King Beowulf himself takes up the mantle of the kingdom's protector once more, and he calls upon the heroes to stand with him against the dragon's fury. The heroes might find themselves already in the besieged town, where the dragon's fiery onslaught has begun. Allow for prep if you'd prefer. With the local population in peril, the heroes must survive the initial onslaught and assist in keeping the townspeople safe while they await the arrival of Beowulf. To complicate matters, the dragon's offspring, wyrms, pose a deadly threat as well.

Adventure Locations:

Besieged Town: The adventure begins in the midst of a peaceful town that is now under attack by the dragon. The heroes must navigate the burning streets and protect the inhabitants while defeating wyrms and assisting Beowulf in any way possible.

Major NPCs to Consider:

King Beowulf: The aging king, once again called to action, arrives in the besieged town to face the dragon. He fights valiantly to protect his kingdom but knows his ultimate fate.

Queen Wealhtheow: The queen, who supports Beowulf and the heroes, encourages them to stand strong.

Local Leader Aelstan: The leader of the besieged town, who guides the heroes in their efforts to protect the local population. Consider using as major NPC addition to the party.

Past NPC allies: use NPCs from past chapters in this finale.


Fiery Onslaught: The heroes must confront the dragon's initial attack on the town. They work to put out fires, rescue trapped inhabitants, and fend off wyrms, the dragon's offspring.

The Desperate Stand: As the dragon continues its assault, the heroes rally the townspeople and create makeshift defenses to withstand the onslaught. The wyrms prove a formidable foe.

Beowulf's Arrival: King Beowulf arrives on the scene, and the epic showdown between him and the dragon takes center stage. The heroes join the battle, helping Beowulf face the dragon and protect the town. Consider this option if you'd like to set up a TPK fear that concludes at the peak with the king's arrival.

A Dragon's Defeat: The climactic encounter unfolds in the dragon's lair, as Beowulf confronts the dragon alone. Describe the epic scene to players.

Puzzles and Challenges:

Protecting the townspeople during the dragon's fiery onslaught.
Devising strategies to defend against the wyrms, the dragon's offspring.
Assisting Beowulf in the final showdown with the dragon.

Monsters and Foes:

The Dragon: A colossal and fearsome creature, the ultimate adversary.

Wyrms: The dragon's offspring, smaller but no less deadly.


The eternal gratitude of the townspeople and the kingdom for defending them in their darkest hour and the lasting legacy of their heroic deeds, as they have stood alongside Beowulf in his final moments to protect Geatland from its most formidable foe.


The final chapter of this series sees an epic showdown between the heroes, Beowulf, and the dragon that threatens the kingdom. After a grueling battle, the dragon is defeated, and the townspeople are saved from its fiery wrath. The heroes return to the Geatland Capital as celebrated champions, having played an integral role in preserving the kingdom's safety and witnessing an epic clash that will be remembered for generations. Consider an extra moment with the Queen for added emotional drama but, with the last monster slain, the adventure is essentially over unless the players just want to live out life in their new realm. If so, remember that the worst monster of all is man.

This adventure offers an unforgettable climax to the series, where the heroes accompany Beowulf in the most heroic of battles against a formidable dragon, cementing their legacy as true protectors of Geatland. I hope you enjoyed using the skeleton. More RPG Series content soon!

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