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Growing up in the 90's and early 00's allowed for a front row seat to the birth of the Resident Evil franchise. Being a horror fan since I was little, I was immediately drawn to the games, books, and everything else. I also grew to dislike the direction of the content once the vision of the films began to influence the rest of the media, especially in regards to the 5th and 6th of the numbered releases.

But more recently, there's been a clear push to return to their core roots while maintaining portions of the more braindead content for good measure. And, to be blunt, it's been a fine blend in my opinion.

So, when I decided to start the TV Club section of The Update it was pretty easy to pick the Netflix series for a spin; especially given the Halloween ties. Admittedly, I was worried about how this venture would turn out, though.

Honestly, I liked it. It could have easily gone another direction, and I can be pretty forgiving, but this wasn't complete trash. Until the 8th episode, at least.

Episode one introduced the cast decently enough, alongside the expected zombie violence and even a giant worm attack for good measure. The drama between distanced lovers, with a kid attached for more weight, did well throughout the series as a pillar and it was introduced decently here. The show also featured the time bounce plot device, jumping around as needed for the story to slowly give us glimpses of the Wesker family before, during, and after the major outbreak throughout the show. They did the concept pretty decently, all things considered.

As the show continued along, we were introduced increasingly to the sandbox that the show's creators were playing with. They took the lore of the games and used them, twisting them to varying degrees, but I feel that the core of it all remained. The vibe worked well, too.

This was until the last episode. Note that this show was canceled and no follow-up is on the horizon. Perhaps that is a good thing. Many shows have come, lasted only a single season, then were cancelled. Many were very promising shows that have been cult classics, like Surface, Firefly, or Freaks and Geeks. This one lasted one episode too long it turns out, but the ride until that point certainly was a solid one. Oh, and at least the monsters were pretty sweet, too.

So, if you've yet to watch the show and have some form of nostalgia for the games, movies, etc., than perhaps give it a look. If you've seen it already, feel free to drop a comment and let me know how off base I am or whatever.

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