The Sports Section Metro Recap No. 1

The New York Liberty are heading to the WNBA Finals, defeating the Suns in a close one to win their semi-finals series 3-1. You can watch the first game of the finals, seeing NY against the defending champions, Las Vegas, on the 8th at 3pm on ABC.

Syracuse Orange football were outplayed by Clemson, ending their undefeated streak. They have North Carolina on their calendar ahead, on ESPN this upcoming Saturday in the midday slot. It'll be a must-win if this team really wants to be any form of contender.

Gang Green had to overcome Kansas City and, the big boss herself, Taylor Swift watched from the crowd while focusing her black magick at the Jets. Rogers kept casting counter spells. It was a primetime game on SNF and it felt like a big deal, thanks to the fact that the Jets had that energy from game one back, and that they kept pushing in a way that energized the crowd rather nicely. God knows I was pumped! The O-Line even stepped up at times, folks. Too bad no one is capable of overcoming Swift's spells, because the 4th quarter got away from New York and the game ended with a 23-20 score. The Jets are now 1-3, but I did appreciate the fighting spirit here. Hell, our coach tried to start some shit with the refs, which I absolutely loved. If they can't beat Denver next week, worry. For now, it'd be fair to consider them on the hot seat.

You don't have to just endure the suffering, after all.

The Devils have started hot and are the preseason. The Islanders are next on their exhibition schedule, due for tomorrow night at 7 for those that care. Check it out on ESPN+. 

The Mets, who ended their season with a thud, and the New York Red Bulls, who just lost a battle of shitty teams, are currently dead to me. The Nets haven't awakened yet from their sleep, but Ben thinks it'll be alright.

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