The RW+B RPG Series: Beowulf Physical + eBook coming soon!

If you've been stopping by lately, you've likely seen the The RPG Series: Beowulf entries that have been posted leading up to Halloween. This is a six-chapter adventure series set after the fall of Grendel and his mother, with players taking up arms in the kingdom of Beowulf. Expect all six to be public before the 31st.

PC's will overcome shadow beasts, zombies and a necromancer, a dangerous werewolf, an evil unicorn, a monstrous manticore, and then witness Beowulf's final battle. Hell, become Mayor of a small town, marry a noblewoman, and appease your king while you're at it. For this physical and eBook release of the content, you'll get all six chapters in one place with a massive amount of additional content. Any profit made will help support the future entries into The RPG Series.

Speaking of, here are the currently penciled in future settings:

  • King Arthur
  • The Odyssey
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Tarzan
  • Sleeping Beauty

      Beowulf adventure chapters outline:

  1. The Haunting Shadows
  2. The Cursed Graveyard
  3. The Blood Moon
  4. The Unholy Horn
  5. The Roar of the Manticore
  6. The Dragon
Expect the physical and eBook release SOON!

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