Resident Evil | The RW+B TV Club

The RW+B Book Club is an attempt to get back to reading, and hopefully get a few people to join in alongside after some time while providing additional content for The Update. In the same vein, let me introduce The RW+B TV Club.

Since this is October, I wanted to go with a horror series. It's worth noting that I have been a fan of this franchise since first playing the Director's Cut on my old PS1. I loved almost everything released under the RE name for a long time, in fact. I'll refrain from complaining right now about the years of mistakes I think they made, but I appreciate the shift I've been seeing of late that really feels as if they're getting back on track.

So, fuck it. Resident Evil gets the nod for the first TV Club. It's about time this gets a look, after all.

A write up to come, at the end of the month.

Drop a comment on your thoughts if so inclined. Find this one on Netflix.

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