WWE PrimeTime 2 Review (WWE January 2023 TV + Reigns/Owens) | Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest 147

We move ahead to coverage of January from 2023 with the latest PrimeTime installment. This one includes 5 top shelf matches from WWE television and I'll include a look at the Rumble main event for this set alongside a few segments. Watch episode two of the playlist series, as used for this review entry, HERE.

My review of the first pull for WWE from the month of January can be found HERE in an older digest. It featured The Usos against Drew McIntyre

Sami and Kevin always work well together, regardless of the situation. This was true once more here and they made this relatively minor building block match feel like a major pillar due to the big fight, special event vibe they created.

Then The Usos ran out and killed it. It was TV, after all.

The damage continued after as The Bloodline piled up on Kevin while Sami watched on. 

This one featured Theory on commentary, watching Dolph, Rollins, Miz, Corbin, Balor, and Lashley in a six-man elimination match. The winner was set to get a title shot versus Austin. You can actually use this, for fans that don't watch WWE that often, as a nice display of what Dolph in 2023 is like so you're expectations are set for his next chapter.

Here's a spoiler: He's still pretty damn good.

This ran half an hour and landed very well. Late on, Theory hit Bobby with the belt. Omos and MVP played roles, too. The finish saw Seth beating up on the champ and sparking a bit too much, eating a spear from Bobby and eating an L for his efforts.

Fun shit, folks.

On to Raw is XXX for a Bloodline-related stretch.

The Bloodline head out and we get a look at Kevin fucking up the unit and signing a contract to face Reigns at the Rumble. More on that in a moment. I love that Sami is the most over part of the group at this time. Paul shit on ECW a bit and then wished death upon Sami. He shit on the Eagles for good measure. I can't talk shit on them because I am a Jets fan.

I can't crap on any other NFL team, really. The Jets DID win the most important Super Bowl of all time, but it was decades before I was born and we've never even been back. Check out The Sports Section here on The Update for more of me bitching about Gang Green.

Anyway, a trial of Sami occurred which was pretty well done and it led directly into a strong, story heavy tag team match. Midway through, Sami took over for Jimmy in this one. Both worked well together to make for one-two punch of solid gold television. This is how you do the WWE style right, in my opinion.

From the episode, I did also catch LA Knight talking some shit about Bray just to be interrupted by The American Badass.

Knight then talks some more shit, but graciously allows Taker a free pass. Lights out, lantern on, fireflies arrive. LA would go down and the two horror masters shared a moment.

A fun segment.

RIP Bray. May we all learn to appreciate art more.

The cage is down next and Becky is attacked by Damage CTRL before her match with Bayley could start.

The Man would be destroyed and the contest called off as a result.

I did see that Imperium had a moment with Kurt and DX and Miz apparently came out to whine about not being kayfabe booked to appear because people in Philadelphia tend to enjoy that kind of thing. Kevin gave him a stunner for his troubles. KO talked some shit and then gave another stunner to Miz to end the segment and my look at the episode.

We're going to now do a time jump.

I'll look at the main event of the Rumble and some of the other results from the event in a moment, but we're going to skip ahead to the January 30th edition of Raw to end the TV coverage section first.

A package runs, showing Cody's arc and the closing stretch of the Rumble that saw him eliminate Gunther to win the big, annual winter clusterfuck. Rhodes was out next, getting loud you deserve it chants. It really is a shame that they fucked up this story.

Oh well, this promo was solid stuff. 

Rhea got a plug treatment next, looking at her victory before we found out that she wanted Flair, instead of Belair, at Mania as her reward.

Becky got Bayley to agree to another cage match when she threatened to go off on Kai with a chair. Sky was already targeted. Remove logic and it made for an okay segment.

Last, from WWE's January 2023 television catalog is Cody versus Finn Balor. Earlier in the evening the Royal Rumble winner had problems with Judgement Day but was assisted by Edge. Here, the Rated R Superstar got involved, as did his wife, in an assist role to remove the numbers game being played by the JD heels at ringside.

Eventually, Cody would hit his finisher thrice to get the W. Very sports entertainment style stuff, but entertaining for what it was.

Bonus Match: 

Roman vs KO, Royal Rumble Main Event for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship

I don't really care much for the Rumble gimmick and decided to just skip it this year, both the men's and the women's outings to be clear; opting instead to just read the results and move ahead to the main event. I will note that I do appreciate the choices of Cody and Rhea, though. Both were very logical choices given the circumstances.

The hype package for Reigns/Owens worked well to get me hyped indeed. Their match was admittedly a bit fucked at times, with a few pacing issues and a minor botch, but the story on display was the driver and the entire thing felt like Roman theatre. A very good match, in general.

After, the dramatics peaked.

Owens was decimated by The Bloodline, eventually leading to Sami smacking Reigns in the back with a chair. Jimmy would then rock red beard with a super kick and the unit piled on. All but Jey. Instead, the Uso would walk off and Sami would suffer more for his choice.

Quality content, people. Fantastic stuff.

January was a decent month for the company, but The Bloodline content was again the main event. February coverage soon.

Match Ratings

  1. WWE Undisputed Tag Team Titles: Usos(c) vs McIntyre, Sheamus ***1/2
  2. Owens vs Zayn ***1/2
  3. WWE United States Contender's 6-Man Elimination Match ***1/2
  4. WWE Raw Tag Titles: Usos(c) vs Judgement Day ***1/2
  5. WWE Undisputed Universal Title: Reigns(c) vs Owens ***1/2
  6. Cody vs Balor ***

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