WWE PrimeTime 1 Review (WWE December 2022 TV) | Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest 142

WWE PrimeTime is the newest addition to the RW+B PSC and the debut looks at the best content from the company's December 2022 TV catalog. HERE is episode one, which is the source of material for this review.

December 2022 in WWE television had a lot of fire, to be honest. Ricochet was solid gold in his World Cup win and his content with Gunther. Their contract signing segment was one of the best contract signing segments I've seen in a long time. The Bloodline stuff in general, especially their Raw invasion on Christmas, was top shelf, too. Becky and Bayley's drama made up a nice chunk and was largely alright and Kurt Angle had some birthday fun for good measure.

Oh, and Cena and his hair even popped in for a quick one.

Full credit where it's earned, because the roster stepped up big and the writing wasn't terrible in nearly every pull that makes up this debut installment of PrimeTime.


Match Ratings

  1. SD World Cup Finals ****
  2. WWE Undisputed Tag Titles: Usos(c) vs Riddle, Owens ***1/2
  3. Raw Women's Title #1 Contender Qualifier: Bayley vs Rhea vs Asuka ***
  4. Raw Women's Title #1 Contender Qualifier: Bliss vs Cross vs Lynch **3/4
  5. WWE Undisputed Tag Titles: Usos(c) vs Brawling Brutes ***3/4
  6. Imperium vs New Day, Ricochet ***3/4
  7. Raw Women's Title #1 Contender: Bliss vs Bayley **1/4
  8. US Title #1 Contender: Lashley vs Rollins ***
  9. Women's Tag Titles: Damage CTRL(c) vs Liv, Nox ***1/2
  10. Intercontinental Title: Gunther(c) vs Ricochet ****1/2
  11. Zayn vs Styles ***
  12. Bayley vs Lynch ***1/2
  13. KO, Rollins vs The Usos ***1/4
  14. Hayes vs Axiom ***1/2
  15. The Bloodline vs KO, Cena ***

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