The Sukeban Primer by RW+B

Delinquent girls pro-wrestling? In the trailer above, we are given a preview of a new joshi focused program set to debut in NYC with some sub-Lucha Underground vibes. Sukeban, a Japanese female pro-wrestling league, takes some of the biggest names in modern joshi and puts them under new names for what's sure to be pretty damn fun content. The theme? Old school 

Now, I do apologize a bit for sounding a bit biased but I am admittedly excited about this idea.

Every once and a while, fun little things appear in the wrestling world. Wrestling Society X. Lucha Underground, like I mentioned before. CHIKARA, before the shit hit the fan. I'm just eager to see how Sukeban turns out especially because I really enjoyed most of the past alt-promotions.

Former Bushiroad names are said to be involved behind the scenes and the stars being brought in are pretty noteworthy. All involved are supposedly signed to legit, long-term deals, too. The roster is being promoted as a unit-based affair, too. I know a lot of polarization seems to come from that, for some reason, so it felt important to note.

The Roster

The Vandals

Harajuku Stars
  • Unagi Sayaka as Ichigo Sayaka
  • Maya Yukihi as Maya Mamushi
  • SAKI as Saki Bimi? (I have some questions about this one. Note she's missing from the roster page on their site but the unit image shows a 4th. If this is SAKI, she is supposedly retiring at the end of the year. You can find lots of SAKI's stuff on my site, but HERE's a match to keep the theme going.)
  • Ancham as Babyface

Cherry Bomb Girls

  • Yuu as Crush Yuu
  • Riko Kaiju as Riko Blondie
  • Natsuki Taiyo as Supersonic
Dangerous Liasions  (THE BEST UNIT IN WRESTLING???)
Stray Cat seems to, fittingly, be unattached in the game of good versus evil! She is played by Tomoko Inaba.

Note that you can click most of the names above and watch a match featuring them on YouTube.

The championship belt for the company was created by Marc Newson. I'm pretty sure it's the same dude that made this:

The rest of the behind the scenes names attached really give a aura of effort and lasting that I sincerely appreciate. But, none of this matters at all if you can't watch them.


Here's their TikTok. Tune in tomorrow at 8pm EST to witness their debut live!

Here's the card that we're being given.

  1. Crush Yuu, Supersonic, and Riko Blondie vs Atomic Banshee, BINGO, and Otaku-chan
  2. Saki Bimi vs Queen Takase vs ???
  3. Midnight Player vs Stray Cat
  4. Maya Mamushi, and Baby Face vs Commander Nakajima and Lady Antoinette
  5. Main Event Title Eliminator: Countess Saori vs Ichigo Sayaka

Check back for ongoing coverage of Sukeban events and news, here on RW+B and Red's Wrestling+ Blog.

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