The Liberty land another win in penultimate game of the season | Game of the Week

Some general ebb and flow led to an odorous deficit that seemed to run on, but the Liberty basketball club is first in the East for a reason. Through determination, grit, some simple strategy ran right, and a touch of luck, New York started inching back late in the third.

When the side finally took the lead, with about eight minutes left in regulation, it felt like a big deal. A polarity then took over, but as the clock continued to drip off seconds it became clear that Los Angeles didn't have the W tonight. This might all but kill a Sparks playoff appearance while certainly. simultaneously adding energy to New York as they get ready for a run they believe could end in a championship.

Laney and Stewart would combine for 45 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds. The team closes the 2023 season with a game against the Mystics this Sunday at 1 and currently sit at 32-7.

Final score: 

New York 96, LA 89

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