The Jets take off, besting bastardly Bills in nailbiter to start season! | Game of the Week

MetLife was alive with an attitude perhaps not seen since the first two years of Sexy Rexy all those years ago right from the start. The attitude of Gang Green that we've been seeing has clearly sold enough fans to return, as the place packed in more fans than the recent Super Bowl that ran here. 

A reminder, but arguments of "fair-weather" are weak when our only option of protest as fans when were stuck in an abusive relationship with a team we care about is to boycott. I strongly encourage all fans to do this, withholding both money as well as attention from teams that are on autopilot. 

The priority question was always going to be whether or not the Rodgers and crew were going to deliver on the hype. Of course, the dark comedy that is being a Jets fan came early when our shiny old quarterback took a simple hit and left on a fucking cart.  I was so worried we were getting yet another Favre situation and hadn't even considered the dude would crumble like a sandcastle when filling out my Bingo card.

The production here mixed with that fire from those in attendance made this feel like a big fight feel but, after that pathetic display, a large chunk of the game felt like all of the air was sucked out.

There was a storyline playing out, though. One that even the commentary crew and spin doctors were ignoring. Buffalo had the momentum and the lead, sure. But the fighting spirit resumed. The defensive side of things in particular kept making moves time and time again, forcing multiple turnovers throughout and continued to not rollover.

That's really all most Jets fans want; a team that doesn't just fall apart at the first sign of trouble.

It wasn't until late in the 4th that things really started to shift, but by the end of regulation things were tied and the chance for victory seemed like an actual option. The gloom and doom of talking heads faded and the spark of energy returned that had been missing since early in the first quarter.

The defense would step up once again, allowing Buffalo absolutely nothing. You couldn't ask for a better start to extra time, other than a pick-6 perhaps. The special teams then decided they were tired of the offense not capitalizing off of the hard work of the D, and 82 (with a big move from Surratt) ran with his chance and put the whole damn game away. 

The Jets have a lot of question marks in the air around them, but it's hard not to appreciate this victory. Even if Rodgers cannot end up returning, showing Wilson some real faith and pushing off of this momentum moving forward could easily result in a solid season. Keep the grit and the attitude, fans and players alike? Maybe. I will likely regret it, but I can at least say that I'm almost ready to buy in.

Dallas, who just destroyed the other MetLife team, is up next for this New York side on the 17th in the mid slot.

Lets see what this team can do!

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