Rebrand! Welcome to RW+B The Update

Welcome to the next chapter of this site! This location specifically will be moving forward as RW+B The Update but the content will largely remain the same. Below is a rundown of the current lineup.

Check out the RW+B Homepage for a complete list of destinations.

The Update

  • The Pro-Wrestling Digest modified from Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest

  • The Playlist Series Collection
    The Pro-Wrestling Playlist
    AEW Spark
    CMLL Lightning
    Impact! nonstop action
    oh so DDramaTic!
    Super No Vacancy!

  • RW+B Awards
    Annual Wrestling Awards
    Retro Wrestling Awards

  • The Branch Out Project to resume

  • Watch Now!

  • Late Night Snack Movie of the Week

  • Record of the Week

  • The Sports Section
    Game of the Week

The RW+B Podcast Network

  • The RW+B Podcast

RW+B on Substack

  • The Red Rose
  • Main Event Magic season two on the way
  • The Playlist Series Collection (read above) 
  • Saturday Night Slam Masters
  • Trainer's Trek (coming soon)
  • PETALS (coming soon)

Black Lotus Journal will return and I'm sure Lucy's Geek Palace will see new material at some point. Via RW+B pub. you can expect new books, new music releases, and new films.

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