Ace versus Master, a review | Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest 145

Naomichi is one of pro-wrestling's true masters, responsible for a huge catalog of content and for teaching so much, so well to so many over the years. Will Ospreay is effortlessly amazing in execution and has simply workhorsed himself into modern ace territory in a fashion that I respect the hell out of.

You can tell that Will was honored for the opportunity and the show of respect in post was a nice touch.

The contest took place on the 17th, on a NOAH branded event celebrating Marufuji's debut 25 year later and saw both men on point, delivering nearly half and hour's worth of top shelf entertainment. Ospreay would eventually put away the elder vet, following an excellent battle well worth checking out.

I love the unity being shown in the wrestling world of late, especially this year in Japan. The more we all work together, even in silly things like this, the better the world will be. So, in a funny little way, let this exhibition of great workers serve as a sign of hope that we can do better.

Or not. Whatever.


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