Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest no.119: Sting is insane, and other stuff... (AEW Spark-road to Battle of the Belts VII part one)

This set contains pulls from Dynamite 195, Rampage 99, and Collision 3. All were recorded during the final week of June. You can find the relevant AEW Spark playlist episode HERE.

Dynamite made for a fun experience and I basically watched the whole episode. It's a basic, reset show with little movement but many seeds.

Ishii and Mox was a borderline great battle and a fun opener. An AEW version of their, admittedly superior, G1 battle from a few years ago. Good, semi-stiff stuff with some color (of course) for good measure. Claudio kept glaring at Kingston as a cherry. Polarizing, but worth a look.

Miscommunications hold our next one back, a trios match featuring Orange, Vikingo, and Keith Lee taking on JAS members 2point0 and Garcia, but it was fun for what it was. The face side would win in this sub-15 six-man.

Page made it clear he's all Elite in a statement win for him and the Bucks over Dark Order in pull three. A pretty good trios match with some fun story sprinkles; this one landed rather well.

Jungle Boy cut his first heel promo since turning on Hook. It was fine. Hook chased him backstage and then we got one of the most gif-worthy things ever. So yeah, go ahead and watch that much, at least. You'll see what I mean if you've never watched it before or somehow overlooked it when you did.

Ruby beat a jobber and talked some shit. Simple stuff, but entertaining.

The main saw Sting fuck his mouth up while acting like he was a lot younger, diving from a ladder and through a damn table. The dude is a madman and I love him. Chaotic stuff like this is something AEW, and these participants, tend to do rather well. This one was a bit messier than usual, perhaps, but still just good enough to still hit recommendation levels in my opinion. Hell, it was a damn spectacle and worth seeing for that dive alone! Sting and Darby would take the W with a statement finish that saw Jericho tap while locked in a Scorpion Deathlock!

Over to Rampage, we have a single pull.

The KO finish worked decently as Claudio retained in a spotlight match with Komander. The flyer got in most of the offense before the champ put him down. I dig that the Khanverse has so many lucha names. Komander in particular can be an excellent addition once he gathers a bit more experience on a bigger stage. Claudio is Claudio and doesn't need to change a damn thing. Other than his promo work.

On Collision, MJF talked some shit and eventually got Ethan Page after he called out for a hometown challenger. The Ego of Hamilton did decent in his role, especially given the 10-minute window given, and was a nice throwaway win for the champ. Interested stuff left off of the promo, though.

This show is very old-school leaning and you can tell who is involved in backstaging this one without even asking around. 

Bullet Club Gold talked some shit and made their future clean. Then Starks beat Juice via flashpin finish. FTR and Punk ensured no drama in post. In all, this section was good but felt a bit below expectations.

Old school Ring of Honor content on a major TV network in front of a big crowd; Joe put Roderick to sleep. After, he stared down Punk before fucking Strong up a bit more. Cole would run out to check on his bud. Rods would be stretchered out.

Nothing here will blow anyone away, but there were a few things worth checking out if you missed 'em and have the time. Feel free to pick around if you're the latter. Thanks, as always, for reading!

Match Ratings

  1. Mox vs Ishii ***1/2
  2. JAS vs Orange, Vikingo, Lee ***
  3. Dark Order vs The Elite ***1/2
  4. Ruby vs Nicole NR
  5. Canadian Tornado Tag: Sting, Darby vs JAS ***1/2
  6. ROH World Title: Claudio(c) vs Komander ***1/4
  7. AEW World Title: MJF(c) vs Page ***
  8. Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal: Starks vs Juice ***
  9. Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal: Joe vs Strong ***1/2

Dynamite 195 Rating: 75%

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