It's DDT Peter Pan time on the PWD, ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries!

A Pheromones match that was a bit much? Yup, that's how we kick this one off! Over the top, but entertaining enough. One heck of a way to start if nothing else. After, Hasaya was hit with a DDT between two know what, I don't want another issue on this site right now so watch this if you wanna see some NSFW comedy.

Chaos followed, as Giant Panda teamed with SSM to take on Pokotan and Chiitan☆. Excellent! Want to feel like you've taken something when you know you haven't, but then you feel like you need to really think hard to confirm that you didn't? Here ya go! Swallowed masked wrestlers, later vomited up after a well timed samurai sword strike, and a ChiiPoko☆ Trigger finish won this one for the UCA☆. Watch this one because life is too short.

Eruption's Sakaguchi, Okatani, and Saki challenged Nakatsu, Ishida, and Higuchi for the brand's trios straps next. Eruption are one of the best units in the game and they showed it once again here, taking the belts and putting in for a decent performance along the way. Good shit to start things off hot.

Akai getting some of what she wants prior to her looming retirement is a cherry!

It's time to step up! Takeshita faced Ueno next in a bombfest. Soup is leaning into his heel side and I'm all for it. Fans of his AEW work need to pay attention to his DDT catalog! I'll put something together soon if there's interest, showcasing his work there.

I really need to update my MOTYC list. I'll try to get to that ASAP. Sorry for always being behind.

Anyway, Takeshita and Ueno was a great match that saw the former KO-D Openweight Champion put away his younger opponent!!! His new fierceness worked really well and the story here was if Soup has changed so much that Ueno is still a current or if he's now a  former, friend.

The point of DDT is to make fun of sports entertainment by being even crazier while simultaneously having some of the most underrated gems in the game working badass matches at the same time. It's crazy, but it works. Sadly, Cardona brought the real WWE style with him in his match against Endo. Frankly, I am not big on the guy. He got over thanks to his web show not his work and never really was going to be a top dude. He just relies on that stale buzz to remain relevant despite always being a midrange dude in general regardless of what promotion he's managed to land himself on. The good news here is that I am hopeful that Endo will never want to go to WWE after seeing what it'd be like. At least, not unless he gets ready to pull a Nakamura.

Despy and Daisuke was fun, at least. It felt like a statement being made and I was all for it. They used a pretty basic format but did very well with it and showed so much respect for each other here that it made for a real experience. If you have any positive emotional responses to either dude, watch it.

Chris finished his fucking story!

Brookes and Hino was legit, folks. The giant pile of meat that loves bullying rosters faced off with the scraggly squid that we all know and love in the main event with the KO-D Openweight belt on the line. Hino was the beast he always is, but Brookes kept getting back up and throwing shots and spots. It was the uphill battle trope and it was done very well, ensuring Chris' victory felt important.

All hail, the reign of Brookes!

Want more on this show? HERE is one of my favorite sites covering it!


  1. Pheromones vs Akito, Soma, Shimohigashi C**1/4
  2. Food Chain vs Ultra Cute Alliance☆ C****1/4
  3. KO-D Six Tag Titles: Harimao(c) vs Eruption NR

    The Next Ones Air on oh so DDramaTic! with clipped off finishes due to what was freely available. My rating is based off of full editions of the matches which you can find at Wrestle Universe.
  4. Takeshita vs Ueno ***1/2
  5. DDT Universal Title: Endo(c) vs Cardona **1/4
  6. Daisuke vs El Desperado ***1/2
  7. KO-D Openweight Title: Hino(c) vs Brookes ****