Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest no.115: A Super Massive DDT Dive Review Dump (4 Episodes of oh so DDramaTic!)

For this one, we have a lot of DDT content because DDT is amazing and I am physically in a lot of pain thanks to a kidney stone that has decided to fuck up my week.

What are you doing on tour?

This one featured Mei, so you know I was already sold. What did she do? Mei stuff. Others were there, too but Mei was the star because she's a damn star. Short, simple fun and a nice way to kick things off.

Yoshihiko was resilient as ever and teamed with Hirata to face off against 37's Ueno and MAO. Golden stuff, for sure. The super athletic finish in particular was wildly entertaining but The Dive was the highlight. After, a three-way survival match for the Extreme Championship was set because DDT loves us. It being set as a main event was a choice, though.

DAMNATION drama with Daisuke helping out the big guy. No, I don't mean Biden. More chair shots than the South can hold here and a DQ finish saw Toi Kojima snap. Not really a bout as much as a bunch of chaos and violence serving as a building block.

The Giant Panda and Pokotan traded shots in public next in glorious fashion. Yes!

The main event saw MAO and Yoshi Omega in action one more time, defeating Hirata and Sanshiro Takagi in a partially constructed ring thanks to an error involving a truck. Like the rest of this set, this was highly entertaining stuff. As a nice cherry, Takagi won the Iron Man Heavy Metal Championship from the doll after.

Admittedly, this was a "filler" episode that showed more of the comedy side of things of DDT. I had fun. You might not. Maybe lighten up and stop caring so much about folks like Corny.


  1. MAO, Mei vs DISASTER BOX C***1/4
  2. 37KAMIINA vs Yoshihiko, Hirata C***1/2
  3. MJ Paul vs Toi NR
  4. MAO, Yoshihoko vs Takagi, Hirata C***

What are you doing?

Six-man action kicks us off, with Omega's Hino and Oishi teaming with everyone's favorite grump, Jun Akiyama, to face Higuchi, Honda, and Takanashi. Honda had a fire fueled by Chris Brookes, as we all do, and tried his best to put down Yuji "The Golden Meat Mountain" Hino, even locking in an octopus, but the red mass was too much.

Fun for what it was; building up Brookes/Hino.

The vacant KO-D Tag Titles were on the line next with DAMNATION T.A. taking on Toi and Ueno. KANON came out in a sling, holding a stunstick or whatever the hell you call those things. A distracted ref allowed for D.S. to kick some balls in and lead us toward the finish. 

Daisuke and Paul are champs!

This was fine, but nothing must-see if you're not attached to the insanity of DDT like I tend to get.

We close with the Extreme Championship on the line. MAO and Hirata were going big when this video began, putting in for some very DG style action. While Yoshi was sadly already eliminated by the time this started, we did see a fire three-minutes that I think most fans will enjoy.

After, when asked who he wants to defend against, Hirata mentioned his stablemate HARASHIMA and said he wants weird ass rules to be stipulated. Yup.

Just as entertaining as the last, but more "important" feels like a good way to describe this playlist episode. Check it out? Your choice.


  1. Ω, Akiyama vs Honda, Higuchi, Takanashi **
  2. KO-D Tag Titles, Vacancy Fill: DAMNATION T.A. vs 37KAMIINA **1/2
  3. DDT Extreme Title, Vacancy Fill Three-way Survival: (Yoshihiko) vs MAO vs Hirata ***1/4

Are you doing unlimited?

Hirata and Toru Owashi faced Burning's Akiyama and Endo next and a fucking sunglass dance party broke out! I love that the music kept playing through the finish again. Comedy gold? Your call!

A sick piledriver through a table from Onita was the highlight for me of the next contest, seeing Onita and Toi take on Sakaguchi and Okatani in hardcore action! It was a bit sloppy, not always from the folks you'd think it'd be from, but this was still some nice chaos. Sak is so fucking awesome and God's Right Knee sent this one home. Exploding death set up in post!

I moved the Saki match here. It's quick, too short to even rate, but a nice sprint that I thought fit well in this spot.

Two teens worked the main event this time, with AEW's Nick Wayne on one side and Yuni on the other. A lot of athleticism here in a nonstop action tag team battle. Wayne was trying hard to be Ospreay and get the W for his side to close things. Good stuff.

"Filler" episode, for sure, but it's hard not to have fun with DDT filler content. I use the word "fun" a lot in this set. I'm not sorry.


  1. Burning vs Hirata, Owashi C***3/4
  2. Hardcore: Eruption vs Onita, Toi ***
  3. Harimao vs Saki, Yuya NR
  4. Wayne, Masada vs Yuni, Ueno ***1/4

What are you doing with that face?

Up last, we have Ueno beating Wayne in a good one that worked nicely to showcase both. AEW diehards are gonna love this dude.

Contract signing content for those that love such things. It has Eruption if that helps.

Daisuke then beat Toi, spamming finishers until he got the W, and then had a moment with El Desperado. Not a damn thing to complain about here.

We close with Hino making Brookes tap to close a tag match that featured Oishi and Masahiro as partners, respectfully. A good showing with a statement victory ahead of Peter pan. That event is reviewed on the next oh so DDramaTic! based Digest.


  1. Ueno vs Wayne ***1/4
  2. Toi vs Daisuke NR
  3. Ω vs CDK ***

Sadly I did not see the payoff for any of the Panda drama on their YT. I'll look again later.

oh so DDramaTic! is basically my way of making watching DDT similar to how I loved to watch Wrestle-1. It might not be for you, but I think it's a very fun way to keep track of this company and allows for folks with limited time to get eyes on something they might skip otherwise. I am thankful to DDT and their YouTube crew for putting so much awesome content out for us to watch and I urge you to support them.

That's it. Go home, or something, Wolfpac. 

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