Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest no.113: Thunderous Wizards!!! (The Return of CMLL Lightning + AEW Spark Build to Forbidden Door Part 2)

This edition, we're looking at an episode of CMLL Lightning and an episode of AEW Spark from the RW+B PSC. Both also are focused specifically on a single event, with Lightning looking at an installment of Super Viernes from March 24th and Spark highlighting a championship defense themed Rampage meant to remind folks how little effort is put into Battle of the Belts specials.

Note I am dealing with kidney stones, because my body hates me, and am therefore in a lot of pain as I write this. In short, give me a break!

CMLL first.

We start with a bombfest between Rey Cometa and Magia Blanca, with the two walking spectacles going big and putting in for a great contest. These minor championships are always very random trophies, but dudes like these going out and just having a casual, athletic spectacle like this is never something to complain about.

Yota joined Cavernario and Niebla Roja to face Titan, Soberano, and Atlantis Jr in a three-fall delight

Last, from Lightning, we have the CMLL World Trios Championships on the line in a big-deal main event! The unmasked Stuka teamed with Utlimo and G.G. to challenge, but ultimately fail, to dethrone my favorite trio is the world, Hechicero, Euforia, and Mephisto. Everyone's favorite wizard forcing Ultimo Guerrero to give up made for a powerful image to close this fantastic battle.

Yeah, this roster was on fire for this one!

Moving to AEW, now!

Funny enough, the AAA top prize is actually on the line to kick this one off.

Vikingo, the best flyer in the world, defended the strap against Komander and Dralistico in a three-way opener. That Tony still works with Konnan, a dude that clearly is permafried at this point given his frequent shit takes and increasingly awful booking choices, says something about how much he respects the talent on their payroll. Anyway, this was a very entertaining spotfest. The diving table 630 and flash pin finish really worked for a closing stretch, folks!

If only Dralistico had brought a folding chair.

We're reminded that Danielson/Sabre hasn't happened yet. That instantly makes this one a dud by reference. Nah, Sabre did Sabre shit, the fucking tech-wizard he is, and Action actually got something to do and tried his best at it. The result was a sweet fucking title match, people! Tony is bad about trying out someone from the undercard, elevating them a bit, then letting the steam cool down. It must be what he thinks is the best way to add some heat to the midcard and planting a seed for a future bigger role, but the cool down is always done so rapidly that it hurts the talent. Remember a certain masked dude that doesn't even work for AEW now?

Emi Sakura, the damn legend she is, was up next playing her role to perfection as always. He role here? To solidify to fans that Willow was worthy of a belt that she wasn't actually supposed to have won. It helps, of course and is no discredit to, Willow working her ass off of late and getting fans behind her. The chick gets full props from me, for whatever that shit's worth, for her work ethic. She's improved a lot since her CHIKARA days and is making for a very fun addition to the rosters she works for. While this match was admittedly the weakest overall of the set, it was still an entertaining bout worth checking out.

The Wrestler Shibata faced Lee Moriarty in a damn dream match main event to close out 113. I've made 113 of these damn things. Pure rules, a stip I am a damn sucker for. I remember watching Ring of Honor TV in a damn Mexican restaurant in upstate NY. I miss that show. I need to watch TK's version more, to be fair. Anyway, kidney stones are awful. It's giving birth for a few days straight.

A PK finish, after Lee showed what he's all about and Shibata showed off that he's still one of the best in the game despite...everything.

Red Death came out to make a statement after. 

This episode of Rampage felt like modernized Nitro. Imagine if Battle of the Belts shows were this fun. Imagine if Rampage was usually booked to be this entertaining. My poor bud, who is a HUGE AEW diehard, coming off biased as hell at times, keeps telling me Rampage is better. I'm almost always behind these days, so I keep falling for it. I'm hopeful this is a start of a trend and that, finally, he's right.

Thanks for reading, as always, Wolfpac. Be kind to yourself and others and have a badass day!

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Watch Lightning HERE.

Watch Spark HERE.

Match Ratings

  1. Mexican National Welterweight Title: Magia Blanca(c) vs Rey Cometa ***3/4
  2. Best 2/3 Falls: Atlantis Jr, Titan, Soberano Jr vs Cavernario, Niebla, Yota ***3/4
  3. CMLL World Trios Titles: Los Infernales(c) vs Los Guerreros ****
  4. AAA Mega Title: Vikingo(c) vs Dralistico vs Komander ***3/4
  5. NJPW TV Title: Saber Jr(c) vs Action ***3/4
  6. NJPW STRONG Women's Title: Willow(c) vs Emi ***1/2
  7. ROH Pure Title, Pure Rules: Shibata(c) vs Moriarty ***3/4

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