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New Goddesses, but not much else tbh... (STARDOM)

We have new Goddesses, as the STARDOM tag belts have changed hands! Let's look at the results from Osaka Summer Team:

  • Mei Seira and Suzu Suzuki won the Osaka Tag Gauntlet Match.
  • Starlight Kid beat Natsuko Tora in a Red Stars 5STAR GP contest.
  • Saki Kashima retains the High Speed strap in a quick sprint against Koguma.
  • Natsupoi and Saori Anou won the Goddesses titles from Mariah May and Mina Shirakawa.
  • Giulia is still New Japan STRONG Women's Champion, defeating Yuu.
  • The IWGP Women's Championship is also safe, with Mayu Iwatani retaining versus Utami Hayashishita.
  • Tam Nakano remains World Champ, successfully putting away challenger, Megan Bayne. 

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