Ne Obliviscarus - Portal of I | Red's Record of the Week

We're going back to the first release from Ne Obliviscarus for this week's Record of the...Week! Featuring the band's take on black metal symphonic, where the violin is just as important as the guitar at times, these Australians truly kicked off things with a bang. This is an album full of emotion and depth in equal parts to legit technicality and some crushing weight for good measure, making for an experience no band has a right to give out on their first attempt.

I personally recommend watching some Pro-Wrestling NOAH content, perhaps current N1 coverage, while listening to this one. Classic All Japan works decently, as well.

NeO have made more fantastic content following this 2012 release, including their 4th full-length that came out on a special day to me a few months ago. Consider giving their remaining catalog a spin when you're done with Portal.

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