DDT has new tag champs, AJPW vs DDT, MORE!

The Saki 10th Anniversary gig, that also featured Naruki Doi winning the Iron Man Heavy Metal belt, an Ghost & Balloon Explosion Death Match, and a sweet main event featuring ASUKA, Saki, and Yukihi taking onRina, Shoko, and Iroha, also saw Omega's Oishi and Hino win the KO-D Tag Titles from DAMNATION T.A. in an 11-minute match.

In other news from the event, a double title defense featuring Hirata Kazuki and Naruki Doi is set with the Extreme and Iron Man belts on the line! Kanon and Fujita will team to challenge the new tag division champs on the same show. That event is set for the 9th. Last, Suwama and Evolution came and challenged Akiyama for a match in All Japan on the day prior.

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