Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest no.105: A way too late look at the road to Double or Nothing, Part 2 (AEW Spark Episode 6 Review)

Hey, it's me again. Let's just do this, people.

Six Six Six

Whomever runs the AEW YouTube channel fucking sucks.

Anyway, this segment is focused on House of Black shit because House of Black is the shit.

First, I checked out two short match finishes. Both videos were building blocks for Jay/Hart and featured both brawling. Fun enough for what it was. Hart has grown a lot and really is a Bliss clone. I don't mean that as a bad thing. Jay is...fine. Knowing this led to a hardcore match between the two left me hopeful considering how easy it is to get a goon one out of two workers like this. They hide weaknesses and can work very well when the talent are willing to lean in.

It paid off nicely enough.

For a midcard women's program I thought this landed nicely enough. Raw and a bit rough around the edges in a way that added instead of subtracted and the right chick won. What's not to like?

The men's side started here with a clip of a match. Basically out of protest I didn't seek this out. The AEW YouTube channel is my bane at times.

Moving on.

Luckily, for them, they gave us more of the next title defense. AR Fox, Blake, and Gran Metalik against Buddy, Black, and King? Yes, please! They annoyed some in the crowd with goth appeal lighting but it worked for what it was. I was a bit late on Matthews, becoming a big fan thanks to his workrate on 205, but I especially want more of him on TV. This was a good six-man throwaway and I would love to see the belts get more defenses like this moving forward.

The finish was visually sweet.

The unit was perhaps the most entertaining in AEW outside of BCC and The Elite during this span of time?

Match Ratings

  1. Hart vs Hogan NR
  2. Jay vs D'Amboise NR
  3. No Holds Barred: Jay vs Hart ***1/4
  4. AEW Trios Titles: House of Black(c) vs Best Amigos NR
  5. AEW Trios Titles: House of Black(c) vs Metalik, Fox, Blake ***1/2

Delete Me, Matt

I will not comment on the title of this section.

Ethan Page had a mic to kick this one off. Matt and I.K. came out to talk, too. It was rough. Honestly, if you missed it just know that Hook came out to help once the heels attacked. Jeff made his return to turn the tides enough to close the segment.

If you're a Jeff fan, you loved this. If not, you didn't.

On Rampage, The Firm attacked the faces as they talked. They'd eventually run off. Simple, basic building block stuff. It was fine.

Fuck it, lets be honest and admit that Firm Deletion was the reason we all cared about this. How can you not love these cinematic matches? This might not have been the best attempt at the genre, but it was good stuff overall and I'm all for one or two of these a year.

If you missed it, watch it. There's no point discussing further.

Half of Private Party, Jeff Hardy, and Matt Hardy joined Big Dick Tony S. in the ring so that Kassy could moan and the Hardys could plug their last run. The Gunns made their way out to get called assboys and trade words.

Fine for what it was. I don't care much about Gunn's kids.

Matt wants to be in charge of Ethan's contract and Jeff wants the belts. Page reminded Brother Zay that they're tight. The Gunns came with chairs to take out the faces and Zay got the old chair around the neck injury spot. Honestly, this was decent.

Jeff's return, the cinematic entertainment, and that last segment were worth watching.

Oh, there's one more thing to see.

Page and the ass kids won a squash and actually looked really good here. Ethan is actually rather good when lined up correctly. His work with Darby really put both on the map, even. 

Remember EVOLVE? Gabe is a dick.

Hook came out to be revealed as a replacement for Zay. Works for me. An upgrade, even.

An okay midcard program. Above average TV.

Match Ratings

  1. Firm Deletion ***1/4
  2. The Firm vs FrescoMatic, Jeaux, Watson

You can watch an episode of Spark related to this set HERE.

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