Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #100: Closing January 2023 Part 3 (Briscoe Tribute Show)

I've written, deleted, then rewrote this review multiple times. The fact of the matter is, I should've watched this sooner but emotionally I just couldn't. I've had so much death in my life that it can be hard watching things like these. I didn't know Jay but I know a lot of people that did and he touched their lives in major ways, leaving a mark on this planet that will be remembered for a very long time by a shit load of people. The dude was loyal to the ROH brand, along with his brother, turning down big chances as a result. He also dealt with mob mentality thanks to some stupid shit he had said a long time ago.

I apologize for ever being part of that liberal cult.

To be clear, I am a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. That's not the issue here, but I'm not going to bog down this post nor Jay's memory further by elaborating further. If you somehow still think it was acceptable to treat the Briscoes like that, I'd love to have a chat. 

I'm easy to contact.

Make sure to keep that attitude, though. Cut out the pedos, sex pests, etc. (start with Vince) and then save your ire for the real issues of the world.

Throughout the event, we had multiple very emotional recorded segments. My condolences to Jay's family and his friends that not only recorded these, but to those that didn't or couldn't, too.

The in-ring action portion consisted of new content alongside several throwbacks. I do think that they should've considered running the 2017 Daniels/Jay match instead, though. It aired on episode 283 of Ring of Honor, which you can find HERE. A far better contest. I won't lie and say that most of these contests are must-see, because they are not. Despite that, I still think you'll be left happy if you're concerned with work rate more than anything else, even for a gig like this.

If you really only want the cream, I'd recommend the Cole and Kings catalog pulls and the main event.

Jay Briscoe was such a major part of the soul of the American wrestling scene and will be sorely missed. I'm truly glad I finally watched this, even if it fucked me up. You likely already have, but you should certainly fix your mistake (the one I had made until now) if not. It's an emotional bomb obviously, but I urge you to do so if you feel that you can handle it.

Be kind to yourself and others and have a badass day!

Match Ratings

  1. ROH Pure Title: Yuta(c) vs Shinno ***
  2. ROH World Title, Fight Without Honor: Briscoe(c) vs Cole ****
  3. Shafir vs Mayra NR
  4. Briscoe vs Daniels ***1/4
  5. Kingston vs QT ES
  6. Eliminator: Athena vs Rayne ***
  7. Juice vs Cutler **1/2
  8. Yuka vs Moone NR
  9. Kings of Wrestling vs Briscoes ***3/4
  10. ROH World Title: Claudio(c) vs Daniels ***1/2 
Overall Rating: 80/100%

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