Red's WCW Digest #1: World War 3 1995

I've had a bit of a time settling back in after my latest move. I've also done something for CZW and done a few other things. During the time I have been finding myself binging on a lot of WCW content. I've had previous plans to do something similar to this, but I've reworked it into this. Simply put; I've realized that a separate digest series is needed if I'm going to keep digging into Bischoff's old stuff so here we are.

I've previously covered 1995 content setting this one up if you're wondering why I'm starting here.

The opener was for the Television Championship as well as Diamond Doll's managerial services. Both workers were working a very 90's program but kind of made it work because they're good...workers. Um...yeah, good stuff to start the show off nicely.

The big dude brawl basically sucked.

Up third, we had a great joshi showcase. They clearly told them to play a greatest hits tag match and that's what they did. I really wish WCW had done more with women's wrestling.

The murderer challenged for the United States Heavyweight Championship next. Good stuff.

Luger and Savage was decent for what it was, but these two aren't a great match if you're wanting to be blown away with a quality match. Story block, for sure.

Sting and Flair was my MOTN and a truly fantastic singles match.

This one ended with a disaster. WCW tried to do the Royal Rumble, but bigger, and turned it into a trainwreck. Fuck that match.

The show was pretty decent but then it ended with a thud. Oh well, consider watching the joshi match and Sting/Flair and maybe mess around with some of the others if you really want, but skip the taped fists match and that awful circus act shit that closed the event.

  1. WCW TV Title: Badd(c) vs DDP ***1/4
  2. Taped Fists: Big Bubba vs Duggan *1/4
  3. Cutie, Mayumi vs Bull, Akira ***3/4
  4. WCW US Title: Sasaki(c) vs Benoit ***1/4
  5. Luger vs Savage **3/4
  6. Sting vs Flair ****
  7. WCW World Heavyweight Title, World War 3 Battle Royal *

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