Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #98: Looking at DDT Judgement with oh so DDramaTic episode 3 + Closing January 2023 Part 1: Pro-Wrestling TV, Episode 1 Review (AJPW, DDT, TJPW)

We're back for another digest, this time focused specifically on a recent oh so DDramaTic episode that showcased DDT's "Longest 5 Hour Special" from the Hall. Want to watch this playlist episode?


Soup and Takagi tried to be HBK/Flair in a way and had a "father/son" thing going. Was fairly good but not must-see, to be honest. A decent way to start the set, if nothing else, and one that certainly did have a lot of history behind it if you care.

Kalisto and Ueno's match was a fun enough throwaway juniors battle, though I'd be lying if I said there weren't far better masked workers that DDT could bring in. Also, watching Sol try to get lucha chants going on more than one occasion, actually getting it a bit, was entertaining especially since the last try saw the dude actually eat the L moments later. Still skippable to be honest.

The first match, in fact, that I actually recommend for readers on this episode (especially if you want just the best of the best) is up next with Doi dropping the Universal strap to Endo in a highly enjoyable clash. They paced it out nicely and had some good drama slapped on. Great overall. I've loved ND since I first saw the lightning speeded fuckhead and his time in DDT lately has been good shit. Endo is a very good choice of opponent for the vet and a fine replacement for title holder, too.

MAO challenged after.

Speaking of, a falls count anywhere match with the dude and Shunma defending the KO-D Tags against Ryota and Higuchi hit the semi-main. If you can hear that sentence without at least being intrigued, well then I strongly suggest you watch more DDT (using this show, obviously). Chaotic entertainment with some fun spots and nice plunder shit, this was exactly the type of thing that keeps me coming back to DDT. Fantastic, creative, stuff with one hell of a visual finish!


Keigo and HARASHIMA called next on ShunMao.

Naya has improved a lot since his earlier days a few years ago and certainly has a fun look that helps him stand out in the crowd, but he still is a dude I don't get super excited about seeing wrestle right now. I actually was far more excited to just see Hino defended against anyone, while being let down at who it was, walking in. That said, the ogre isn't nearly as green these days and has already had a few decent ones with Big Red. Here he added yet another and honestly it was pretty good stuff. There was a mentor/student thing here, by the way. Now, bring someone better forward for the next one though, please.

A reminder but the fans in attendance had to close a 5 hour show with this one so I'm probably a lot higher on it than most that watched a longer edition.

Kenta handed the belt to the champ in post and showed respect to the challenger as well in post. Dino tried to get Iino a title match, but nothing was officially set because Pheromones is a joke.

Honestly, I don't consider this a cheap plug because I make these playlist episodes because I think it just makes it easier for fans to experience a promotion. Judgement had some really good content and I think this episode went down very well. I consider this a worthwhile watch for anyone interested in the company.

Match Ratings

  1. Sanshiro vs Takeshita ***1/4
  2. Ueno vs Samuray del Sol ***1/4
  3. DDT Universal Title: Doi(c) vs Endo ***3/4
  4. KO-D Tag Titles, Falls Count Anywhere: 37KAMIINA(c) vs Harimao ****
  5. KO-D Openweight Title: Hino(c) vs Naya ***1/2

Match Ratings
  1. KO-D Openweight Title: Kazusada Higuchi(c) vs Yuji Hino NR
  2. Princess of Princess Title: Yuka Sakazaki(c) vs Miyu Yamashita NR
  3. All Japan Tag Titles: Kento Miyahara, Takuya Nomura (c) vs. Naoya Nomura, Yuma Aoyagi ****


I'm finally back for another edition of the Pro-Wrestling Digest. Everything has been insane but I'm excited to share these matches with you, especially if you're getting a chance to see them for the first time. Part two of this set, for those that might be curious, will feature New Japan pulls, including content from the NJPWxNOAH show, and BOLA content. Three, which serves as #100 of the Digest, spotlights the Briscoe tribute show.

Oh, before we move on I should probably plug THIS. That's the best way to watch along with this edition and is the first edition in the new Red's Pro-Wrestling TV. Not every edition will tie in with the Digest. For now this will replace the Slam Masters show. I try to put these playlist shows together and I am hopeful that I can get in a better swing of it. I'm not calling the others "cancelled" or whatever, but they're on hiatus I suppose until I figure out what I'm doing.

Chaos. Life is chaos.

I'll embed the videos of the matches here for those that don't care about watching the show I was plugging.

We head to DDT to kick us off.

The version of the match included here features just the last four-minutes or so and starts with Higuchi's chest already looking like ground beef. While enough was there to technically rate this one from a time-wise perspective, I can't say there felt like enough meat on the bones to actually do so. I did enjoy what I saw and I loved seeing Yuji take the strap, though. The rough finish also added to the intensity level.

Good shit and a fun way to kick us off, folks! Challenges followed.

Next, highlights from Yuka defending against Miyu courtesy of Iron Raider X.

I'm a bit of a sucker for these types of things, when done well, and I thought this was rather well done as it showcased the talent nicely and had a lot of energy. I have considered Miyu one of the best workers in the world for a few years now and I feel she continues to back that thought up. As far as Yuka goes, she is very much a spirited and talented performer and more than quality enough to be a strong champ so her going over was fine.

You'll enjoy this one!

We close with a trip to All Japan for a tag team match featuring company ace, Kento Miyahara, and Takuya Nomura, taking on and defending against Naoya Nomura and Yuma Aoyagi. The top tag belts of the company.

This was the only full match of the episode, posted by Still Classics Honor, and was certainly worth the time. Regardless of how many shots this fucking company takes, it appears they will keep pushing on thanks to the fucking audacity of their younger talents and their willingness to pump out big bouts in front of minimal crowds.

Miyahara was fire but really the entire field stepped up nicely allowing for this to burn along as it went, adding to the chaos. In all, a fantastic clash that is both a standalone, a new chapter in ongoing angles, and a building block for more.

Check out some stuff!

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