The interesting thing to me is that I had actually forgotten it was Mania weekend until my bud reminded me of the Ring of Honor and DDT shows a few days ago. Sometimes I allow this brand to feel a bit like a job when I specifically started it all as an outlet for myself to get away from the hassle of living in the world and to embrace my passions. Throughout it all I've been shown a lot of love and respect from readers despite having had a few missteps along the way. 

So, I am reminding myself publically now to calm the fuck down. Here's what to expect from RW+B for the season ahead. 

First, I should remind anyone reading this to check out the RW+B homepage so that you can see the entire umbrella of content. Just click HERE

Next, know that I am making adjustments to all the content offerings and trying out new things with much of it in an effort to be more entertaining, useful, and overall more enjoyable so don't be shocked at changes happening. I encourage criticisms of the constructive nature and want you to remember to reach out to 315.330.6840 if you want to tell me I suck or something. 

The RW+B Podcast Network will see the Red Rose Register Podcast Edition morphed into The RW+B Podcast with a new and fresher show currently being worked on. Expect Coffee & Current Events to still make appearances and The Open the Dungeon Gate Podcast episodes to debut soon enough. 

This place, the one that started it all or whatever, you can expect to get more Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest entries, Watch Now! Wrestling posts that feature links to the latest free pro-wrestling tv offerings, and more. Lucy's Geek Palace is not set to remain the only outsider offering here, either, with something from my good bud, Steve Stone also hopefully coming soon. 

The RW+B Channel on YouTube is the best place to watch playlist shows, as part of the PSC, such as Red's Power Hour + Slam Masters, AEW Spark, Impact! nonstop action, and more. New playlist format shows are in the works. 

The Red Rose Register is the main focus of the RW+B Substack alongside the ramped up dWo Digest. Some tie in content for the wrestling side crossed over recently, too. My TikTok has an okay following. The RW+B Show debuts soon. Keep an eye out. 

Schedules and I don't seem to work out very well if I'm being honest with you, and myself, so most of this will simply be As Made content that goes live as it becomes finished, or shortly after. A new book is also in the works. Two, actually. If you're okay with the chaos, I'd say you should stick around and have a good time!