Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #90.5: a look at Dream Queendom and officially (really) closing out STARDOM 2022 content via three episodes of We are STARDOM!!

The truth that time is forever my foe remains evident as ever but I am finally making time for content from a group of three excellent episodes of my favorite ongoing pro-wrestling program focused specifically on the big Dream Queendom show near the end of 2022.

We are STARDOM!! Episode 161

This one started with a few matches that I decided to skip, but might be of interest to you if you're feeling more adventurous than I was. The real focus for me here was the Goddesses of STARDOM defense, to be honest.

Tam and Nat against Nanae and Yuu, the latter the challengers and eventual victors. Jump ahead about 17-minutes to hit the same starting point as me. These two teams are made up of duos of excellent workers and it was a big stage so expectations were high, but they did very well to hit that level.

The title change felt like the right choice but it was worked in a way that left both sides looking good. Real fighting spirit shit and one of my favorite Natsupoi performances so far in particular. 7Upp proved too much as mentioned above, though, and the entire thing made for one hell of a way to kick off the coverage.

Great stuff, folks.

Challenges followed.

We are STARDOM!! Episode 162

Haruka took Saya to her limits with the white belt on the line in our opener this time around. The challenger really put in for a quality performance that I'm sure will elevate her stock nicely. The champ was excellent as always too, of course. I've been increasingly impressed with her content as champ, in fact, and think her a real star on this loaded roster thanks purely to her work ethic.

Big moves, dramatic near falls, and a nice closing stretch only decreased a tad perhaps because of the flash pin finish. Fantastic stuff in all, still! I want more Umesaki in STARDOM asap and I actually enjoyed the way this one ended, personally.

Clips of Super Strong STARDOM Machines winning the battle royale ran next. Meh.

We closed with the red belt on the line with Syuri taking on Giulia in a match with a lot of baggage. The suplex off of the ramp did well to really nail that point home, for the record. A good intensity level for sure and two of the best in the joshi scene went all in here, truly elevating themselves as well as the prestigious championship once more. A near classic, they worked their asses off here and the action mixed with quality story work added together perfectly making this a for sure must-see encounter for anyone that missed it.

Fuck, this episode rocked!

episode rating: 95%

We are STARDOM!! Episode 163

They aired this event in a weird order, truth be told. We follow the two top belts being defended on the second installment of the set and follow up with a High Speed and the promotion's trios straps being on the line before closing with a random triangle derby match from January?


I watched the first two, at least.

AZM and Hikari's sprint felt fitting of the championship and was certainly a nice showcase for the challenger. A quick hitting spark of excitement and a borderline great affair. AZM is so damn good and I am very excited to see her fighting closer to the top of the roster soon.

Last, closing my Dream Queendom coverage, we had that beforementioned hardcore match. It's hard to really complain when you end with a SLK match and they went full Ice Ribbon circa ten years ago or so with the chaos. Kid fucking ran over the opponents with a bike, folks. Pure fun; I enjoyed this though mileage will vary.

Dream Queendom was truly an entertainment outing from the best damn wrestling company in the world. Check some of these out!

Match Ratings

  1. Goddesses of STARDOM Titles: Natsupo, Tam (c) vs Nanae, Yuu ***3/4
  2. Wonder of STARDOM Title: Saya(c) vs Haruka ****
  3. World of STARDOM Title: Syuri(c) vs Giulia ****3/4
  4. High Speed Title: AZM(c) vs Hikari ***1/2
  5. Artist of STARDOM Titles, Hardcore: Oedo Tai(c) vs Prominence ****

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