Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest #78: Vince fucks daughter and son in law, Saudi Arabia watches from corner of the room

The big new stories following Vince's dark shadow returning over WWE are out and they deserved their very own digest installment, ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries!

First up, a very polite resignation letter was one of the latest bombshells out of WWE as Stephanie McMahon split and removed herself completely from what the company has planned. Her statement was very delicate and tried to be as non-controversial with the content as possible despite the obviously huge nature of it all.

Next, it's pretty well known that VKM hates Triple H's vision and it's likely that the old, alleged sex pest has been angry jerking it every Monday night. That said, while I am pretty certain that it's illegal to do such things to family members like this, it looks like Triple H indeed will indeed be getting fucked.

For legal reasons, what is occurring is not in fact illegal and neither is being a smart ass like myself.

Nick Khan on the other hand apparently will be making bank. Old reports referencing the dude's work history are tied directly with many of the leaked reports that have been covered, some even here on this site, in regards to WWE selling. The situation right now is pretty clear, especially with the JPMorgan news, and the guy supposedly gets bank when they sell this ship with holes galore.

I told y'all, Vince wants his fucking money.

The question I asked last time we stopped in for this soap opera shit was if it would be Comcast or Saudi Arabia. Sure, there are other players but those two just seemed like the homerun hitters of the bunch.

It's fucking Saudi Arabia, folks. Oh, and they are possibly going private again. That's the case as I'm hearing it right now, at least. I'll update later if needed, of course.

What does this all mean?

Who fucking knows.

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Stories on the sale are increasingly mixed as of 10am est on 1.11 but a lack of public denial straight from them is interesting.

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