Streamlining RW+B

Frequent visitors are likely aware that I over think things and, in doing so, I have created a problem. You see, I've made the RW+B "brand" too convoluted. Lets streamline this instead, by condensing down things better. Note, before we move forward, that you can still find the homepage to RW+B HERE.

So, NERD5H1T and the Red Rose News sites are being shuttered. I am also changing up the new podcast and removing Red Rose News Sunday Night from the lineup.

Now, NERD5H1T will simply be a feature of The RW+B Podcast. Some episodes will feature guests, like the original idea I had for the show. Others will be similar to the debut of Sunday Night, with new additions.

New additions and the new show lineup is as follows:

  • Red Rose News, a look at some of the biggest global news stories of the week that was.
  • Corrupt or Stupid?, which spotlights political bullshit and asks which of the two options best fits said bullshit.
  • NERD5H1T, as mentioned previously. A section covering some major news in the world of nerdy crap that caught my eye.
  • Fucked-Up History, where I profile all kinds of crazy shit from history!
  • mWo, a sports section taking a look at NY/NJ Metro sports.
  • Red's Record of the Week, which is what it sounds like.
  • Red's Recipes, which is also what it sounds like.
  • Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest, where I talk pro-wrestling.
  • Lastly, I will occasionally have guests on to talk about...who fucking knows. It depends on the guest.

Note that not all of these features will occur each episode. It's pretty mellow and I hope you give it a look. Episodes with guests likely will not include much in the way of additional content.

Find the RW+B Podcast Network HERE. New installments are planned for most Sundays.

Want to hear me specifically talk about wrestling, in many ways as a companion to the Pro-Wrestling Digest? Go to that podcast link above and check out Take it Home with Stone & Red. New episodes when available. Season 1 coming soon!

You can still find the Red Rose Register on Substack, every 2nd & 4th Wednesday being the planned release date for new editions moving forward.

On TikTok I post Red Rose News: PETALS, which are short meme bits of the news. I occasionally post other random things. It's TikTok. I launched a Rumble and am still in the process of figuring out what I want to do with it. On Facebook I tend to post occasional stolen memes alongside links to content that springs out of other sites. On Twitter, it's pretty random. Just being honest.

Too honest?

Anyway, find links to all of those social media sites at the homepage, which again is

Lastly, THIS specific site that you are on right now will remain the home of Red's Pro-Wrestling Digest. I will post awards and other addition content here as it seems appropriate. I am torn on if I should include Open the Dungeon Gate and short stories here moving forward or if those belong on Substack, but I'll likely decide that sooner than later with the former taking the current lead.

I am hopeful that this all sounds far better than the more splintered option that preceded it. Thanks, as always, for reading!

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