Extra Attitude: A Digest Cherry, ft. Mankind, Undertaker, Big Show, & The Rock (Buried Alive)

Undertaker, Big Show vs Mankind, The Rock
Buried Alive, WWF SmackDown Episode #4 for the WWF World Tag Team Titles

Consider this one a cherry or something, following up my most recent digest installment that focused on the almighty Taker/Mankind feud.

Check that one out HERE.

The spectacle in question this time happened to be a spectacle indeed, and an entertaining car crash bit of TV that even saw Triple H, Kane, and Chyna get a bit of screen time for a bonus on the bonus. There's another, but I'd rather not ruin the surprise to those that don't remember. 

Anyway, this is what you'd expect from the four given the time in which it occurred, people.

That might be an positive or a negative, but I have a bit of nostalgia for such things and still enjoy it today, to some degree, I suppose.

It was that trashy, without a doubt, b-movie style bullshit that we all grew up on and, while I might prefer an epic puroresu battle or a lucha libre spotfest over much of anything else, there's still a place for shit like this, too. This was when Vince's empire was doing some of their biggest things and you might enjoy using it to post-game that digest that I'm sure you already read and love. It even includes an interview with a bit from Foley on this match, specifically when Big Show hit a chokeslam on him and put him into, kind of, the hole.

I said this was a cherry, right?

Click play if you want a good, circus act style battle but one that survives in some form of relevance only on that style mixed with some nostalgia and not on quality alone.

They'd never try this again.

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