1. Young Bucks vs Top Flight ***1/4
  2. House of Black vs Fuego del Sol, Dark Order **1/4
  3. Hayter vs Skye **1/2
  4. Hobbs vs Lee **3/4


I had time to watch Rampage last night while taking a break and time this morning while I eat breakfast to drop a review real quick. I've put together a pull list of Mania weekend contests that I'll be watching + reviewing when time allows for such things, by the way.

Anyway, the opener was a fairly good TV spotfest. Give them a PPV rematch before the end of the year and you'll have a real banger of a match. I'd actually have Top Flight win the ROH Tag belts sooner than later. Maybe before 2022 ends, unless they're aiming for a long run from FTR.

Khan is going to be testing out a lot of things in ROH to see if he thinks it'll work in AEW.

More drama occurred with the ATT crew and Sammy/Tay, with the latter fucking up Dan's vehicle. Meh.

Danhausen failed once more to curse Hook.

House of Black continued to pick up wins and Fuego continued to get a fun little fighting spirit bit in before being murdered. It's time to move forward, though.

Hayter and Skye was a match that tried a lot of things, not all of them landed very well, but it was ultimately decent stuff. Skye Blue and Red Velvet are interesting roster members because both are very ambitious, yet still too green to deliver on the attempts. If they keep it up, though, they'll both be legit good workers.

Hobbs and Lee was a fine big man main event. Like the girls, Hobbs is another dude that is doing well to grow and I see a lot of potential in the guy. He's also not there yet, either. Keith Lee is also seemingly still dealing with what is likely permanent affects of COVID, but still has enough charisma and ability that his matches are okay. I think it'd be far better if they put him in tag spots, which they seem to be aiming for with him and Strickland.

Speaking of, SW3RVE played assist for Lee, helping end the distraction from Starks, but went through a table shortly after.

The heels stood tall to end the episode. We even had a second table spot to make up for Dynamite running out of time.

Most of the time, Rampage is truly the quickest hour of pro-wrestling because it tends to feel like it's half the length. This week felt like an hour. The matches were all fine, of course. I didn't love the Sammy stuff but it was fine, too. I just didn't enjoy this edition overall as much as usual, I suppose.

Skip this one or just watch the opener.

Overall Rating: 65/100%