dWo #11: No Effort Needed, Apparently

How much hair will this fan have by the end of the year?

During this stretch of coverage, New Jersey went 2-4. A complete lack of effort once again.

As a result, to be clear, my effort will be minimal here.

Lots of goals are being scored, but defense is rarely visible and has continued to diminish as games progress. The basement remains the Devils' habitat.

I do not in the slightest blame the players, though.

I have witnessed a lot of energy, skill, and luck from the squad all season and they've done well, especially Hughes, Bratt, Nico, etc., to live up to expectations.

I blame the tragically depressing coaching staff. It's similar to watching amazing wrestlers putting up with WWE writing.

Oh, and don't ever claim I'm not fair because I need to give major props to Laine for THIS.

Tonight, the Rangers are on the plate. Will the players manage to push past Ruff's "abilities" at the helm?

Current Standings: 19-30-5 (43 points)

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