Pro Wrestling NOAH Demolition Stage in Fukuoka Digest Review


1.Aleja vs Hidaka NR

2.Perros del Mal de Japon vs STINGER **1/4

3.Sugiura-gun vs Momo no Seishun Tag NR

4.GHC Junior Heavyweight Title: HAYATA(c) vs NOSAWA **1/2

5.M's Alliance vs Inaba, Kaito, Kitamiya NR

6.GHC Heavyweight Title: Nakajima(c) vs Tanaka ***3/4


Aleja beat the Perros unit-mate in a quick junior match to start this one off.

The heel squad bounced back with a six-man victory in the second match, though. Just enough aired to give some stars up. It was okay. Eita and Ogawa's heat was the main angle at play during and after.

Third, Sugiura and Sakuraba put away Harada and Kotoge. It came off as a rather dominate victory.

The juniors had a bloody brawl. I see that it went 22 minutes. In three-minute form, it was fine. Not what I'd usually want from a JHW defense, but it worked for what it was.

In the semi spot, we had a heavyweight six-man with Inaba eating a pin from Muto. If you have to use Muto, multiman matches are how you should do it. Having him getting the W is a bit annoying, though. The dude is a legend, but is far from capable of true classics right now. And that's okay. I just don't want to pretend otherwise. It's just sad.

This one closed with a banger, with Tanaka serving as a strong challenger to Naka. Great, action-packed content for sure and a great example of why NOAH is a must-see brand.

While the show felt overall like a bridging event ahead of bigger shows, it worked well enough for building block purposes and the top match worked well enough to save it overall. 

Click play above if you're interested.

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