Dragongate Cutting Edge Battle!! #125 Review


1.Open the Twin Gate Titles: Natural Vibes(c) vs Strong Machine Army **3/4


GAORA has FINALLY uploaded a new episode of Cutting Edge Battle!!, continuing the coverage of Dangerous Gate content which occurred late September. Sadly, the wait wasn't worth the wait this time. Strong Machine Army hasn't really done enough to win me over yet as a gimmick, concept, or in action.

Big R acting like Rikishi and being his normal, awesome self, and fucking Susumu weren't enough to make this a must-see, either. The match never really kicked out of second gear and it seemed like the only real thing of importance that occurred was Strong Machine K unmasking randomly during this. It wasn't a Misawa moment and anyone that could recognize Kondo already knew that was him under the mask.

Just skip this one, please. It was not worth waiting almost a month for this one. I really hope they start going weekly again, though. It sucks finally watching a new episode and feeling like the same I do anytime I check out a WWE show.

Overall Rating: 65/100%

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