1.AZM vs Unagi NR

2.Kashima vs Starlight Kid NR

3.Momo vs Natsupoi NR

4.Konami vs Nakano NR

5.Utami vs Kamitani ***1/2

6.Syuri vs Maika ****

7.Iwatani vs Giulia ***3/4


Like last week, they ran through the first few tournament matches and just showed us their finishes before moving on to more complete content.

Utami/Kamitani was the first match shown in the latter format and it was a high speed battle between the two performers. Borderline great stuff. Saya continues to improve and Utami continues to be one of the best workers in the game right now.

Up next, Syuri and Maika stepped the fuck up. I loved the intensity level throughout and that Ryuen finish was fucking brutal. Maika is very underrated and Syuri, like Utami, is one of the best in the game right now. Fantastic stuff.

This week's main event saw Mayu Iwatani and Giulia in singles, tournament action. Of course, it was worth seeing, but it'd be pretty damn hard for something involving these two not to be. Strong pace, nice intensity, big move action here in what was shown and great stuff in general.

Once again, We are STARDOM!! continues to be a thrill ride. Check this one out!

Overall Rating: 85/100%