We are STARDOM!! #87 Review


1.Mina Shirakawa vs Fukigen Death NR

2.Natsupoi vs Koguma NR

3.Giulia vs Starlight Kid NR

4.Sayaka Unagi vs Tam Nakano NR

5.Saya Kamitani vs Syuri ***3/4

6.Mayu Iwatani vs Momo Watanabe ****1/2

7.Maika vs Utami Hayashishita ***1/2


We've arrived at this year's 5STAR GP and let me be clear when I say that this episode of We are STARDOM!! is a must-see installment of the weekly series.

The first four matches only gave us the finishes.

Saya and Syuri's contest was great stuff with decent intensity and a nice pace.

Mayu versus Momo was fucking awesome and both delivered big on expectations, delivering a MOTYC in the first round of the tournament. Go out of your way for this one.

The episode closed with a pretty good one that saw Maika upset the World Champion. Ramifications there, for sure.

This is easily one of the best weekly wrestling episodes of the year. Make sure you make time for it ASAP.

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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