This one started with a dancing Kento Miyahara strutting to the ring before launching into NEXTREAM versus TOTAL ECLIPSE. Miyahara got the win for his team.

Next, Zeus's Purple Haze and Suwama's Evolution worked a tag team match. Inanagi pinned Tamura to close it out.

The Six-Man TV Titles were on the line again in the next match they aired as Carbell Ito, Seigo Tachibana, and Yoshitatsu defeated Black Menso-re, Koji Nizumi, and El Brave. Seigo in digest form gives me huge W1 throwback vibes. This time, Yoshitatsu got the pinfall victory for his team.

A quick Takao Omori and Jun Saito clip of the finish showcased the grandpa.

Shotaro Ashino beat Rei Saito to close this one, getting a submission victory.

The previous digest video was a bit more enjoyable, but this was still short and fun. I have no idea why they play out the matches in this order, though.