AJPW Super Deluxe Series 09/10 Digest Thoughts

I was recommended a video from the official All Japan YouTube channel and then I noticed that the promotion uploads digest videos of their events. Seeing as I still have a bit of a hole in place left behind following the closing of WRESTLE-1 and the ceasing of their weekly series combined with the fact that I constantly want more Kento and Ashino matches in my life, I've decided to go ahead and start watching these. We'll see how long it lasts, but it might become a new frequent ongoing here.

I started with content from this month and have one more to check out after. I have no idea why, but it appears they skipped the first night of the Super Deluxe Series tour, which featured a few matches I wanted to check out. I'm left wondering if they skip the bigger shows or if there is a different reason.

They aired this as if they were a random American unaware of manga trying to read manga, with the main event kicking us off.

The AJPW World Tag Team Champions, Suwama and Ashino, Runaway SUPLEX, finished off TOTAL ECLIPSE's Jake Lee (current reigning Triple Crown Champion) and Hokuto Omori. Suwama pinned Omori and then shared a moment with Lee after.

Kento and Yuma of NEXTREAM put away Evolution's Sato and Tamura next. I remain of the belief that Miyahara is truly a god in human form and the aired end-stretch rocked.

The video closed with ALL Mighty Inoue, Black Menso-re, and Lowther falling to Carbell Ito, Seigo Tachibana, and Yoshitatsu as the latter team retained the AJPW Six-Man TV Tag Titles. Carbell Ito shined in the clip, flying high before ending the match with a diving splash finish.

Add in some backstage interviews after the matches.

Yeah, this was fun and I enjoy the idea of making this a common occurrence.

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