1.2point0 vs Grillo, Knot NR

2.Black vs YUTA NR

3.Reckless vs Hart NR

4.Kate vs Shida **1/4

5.Skye vs Velvet ***1/2

6.The Pinnacle vs Gore, JDX *3/4

7.Dark Order vs Zacharia, Jones NR

8.Ford vs Aminata NR

9.Alexander vs Kaz NR

10.Jade vs Onyx NR

11.Chaos Project vs Jurassic Express **1/2


2point0 won a squash.

YUTA and Black had a slightly competitive, short one.

Hart continues to improve and surely has a great future ahead of her.

Tony had Kojima and Mox on next for a moment to promote their match at All Out. They brawled.

Jade and Nyla Rose attacked and took out Hart and then Shida beat Missa Kate in about four minutes in a decent match.

The best match of the first half was easily Skye Blue versus Red Velvet and ended with a fun moment that saw Blue added to the Casino Battle Royale. Better than it should've been kind of match.

The Pinnacle's Shawn Spears and Wardlow continue to stack bodies as they pad their tag team record and waste time until something comes up for them. They're a decent duo. It was okay for what it was.

 Dark Order's Meat Man and Ten took care of a couple of jobbers in the next one. Silver stacked 'em and dropped 'em with a double Samoan drop while throwing up the cat claw and then a decent sequence from the DO pair closed it.

Penelope Ford, accompanied by Bunny, came out and then took care of business by besting Queen Aminata in just over two minutes. Earlier in the episode, the two promoted their team while promising to take care of business in the Casino Battle Royale.

Dean Alexander couldn't go past three-minutes against The ELITE Hunter, Frankie Kazarian. Kaz, whom I'd like to take a moment to remind folks of the fact that he's the original Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Champion, feels a bit like he's treading water but I still like his occasional run-ins.

The semi-main event saw THAT BITCH run through Blair Onyx in about 50 seconds. While AEW continues to work on positioning her as an upper class greenhorn, I'm still not sold if I'm being honest. She's okay and Smart Mark is a good addition to help her get over, but I feel she still has a long way to go.

We close this special edition of AEW Dark with Chaos Project falling to Jurassic Express on the official go-home release ahead of All Out. Jungle Boy, a dude that will surely be main eventing big shows sooner than later, and Luchasaurus are such a fun team. Chaos Project have also won me over as a decent midcard team. Decent stuff here.

The Chick Magnet, CM Punk, came out to close the show in his AEW Dark debut while fans were still singing to Jungle Boy's music. He shook the hands of Taz and Excalibur, walked his ass down the ramp, and then joined Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy in the ring. He put them over, put the fans over, and sent everyone home happy because that's just who he is now. Good shit.

In all, this bonus edition of Dark was exactly what it needed to be this time around. Taz and Excalibur continue to have fun and are a great commentary duo. The matches remain largely short squashes to pad the records of talent as they work towards bigger matches or just tread water. There's also some little gems that will get overlooked on each one and that's true here, too. Check it out if you want.

Overall Rating: 60/100%