Select Match Reviews: WWTNAD (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Sacrifice, 03/13

1.X-Division Title: TJP(c) vs Ace Austin ***

2.IMPACT, TNA World Titles: Swann(I) vs Moose(T) ***1/2


Time for two from Sacrifice as I finish catching up on IMPACT! Wrestling.

The first match was good and saw Ace Austin win the X-Division Championship. Admittedly it also felt like it never really fully kicked out of second gear. Maybe I'm being a harsh rater and perhaps you'll enjoy it, or did enjoy it, more than I did.

Last up, Swann unified the TNA and IMPACT top belts in a David vs Goliath style matchup. I think there was just enough to make it worth a recommendation, but traction will vary for sure. It was a good take on the style if nothing else and Moose was protected a bit which was smart.

If you missed the show, you could consider going back to watch the unification match and, if you have the time, you could use the X match as an appetizer. 

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