Welcome to a new, ongoing part of my ever random blog. As I am sure is rather obvious, this series will focus on some lost, hidden, and forgotten gems from the past. I wanted to start with a classic prog album from one of the most underrated bands of all time, Camel.
Moonmadness is their fourth album and follows, perhaps, their most popular release, The Snow Goose.

Unlike their third, Moonmadness features vocals. The melody and tone boarders on mellow and the passages bleed together very well, making for a complete feel. The bass line of the closing track does well to take you on an upbeat ride, while a majority of the rest journeys on the brink of dreams and space. The musicianship here is top shelf levels and the production quality feels like it was made far later than it actually was. Despite never really breaking out of cult status, Camel are a group that easily hold up catalog-wise with far better known groups, and this release is easily one of the best examples in defense of that hot ass take.

If you are seeking something fun for your ears, especially if you're seeking a journey through tunes, I suggest checking it out. I haven't listened to this band in years but am certainly glad I dusted this one off. 

Rating: ***3/4